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We’re starting a new nation based on freedom, and it will lead to unimaginable prosperity and well-being.

If you are perceptive, this will be the most exciting opportunity you will ever see! Earn a fortune while fostering history’s greatest advancement in civilization! Join together over a platform that will bring freedom back as never before. Take the wind out of the gathering storms of civil and global war.

1776 was good, but 2026 will be far better. In 1776 the creation of the United States as a nation of unprecedented freedom was a major historical advance leading to tremendous growth in prosperity for a couple of centuries. In 2026, the creation of the United Free States will be a much greater advance. This event will lead to rapidly advancing wealth creation lasting far longer. Moreover, prosperity for aspiring citizens of the UFS will kick off immediately.

As you read the answers to the frequently asked questions below, you will gain more knowledge about the important points of politics, freedom, and economic and social advancement than you will learn in any university. You will find multiple ways in which to advance your economic and psychological well-being and to create a remarkable legacy as you participate in the greatest achievement in human history.

Follow the links below. More will be added as we progress toward our nation’s launch.

What do we mean by “starting a new nation”?

We are putting together a new nation based on freedom. It is a nation completely independent from all others. It will have its own territory, and its citizens will have complete sovereignty over that territory. The nation is called the United Free States (UFS), and it will be governed by a constitution that guarantees maximum freedom for the nation’s citizens. That includes freedom from crime and freedom from government interference.

The Constitution of the UFS, which was painstakingly crafted over the last two decades, is a major advancement over the Constitution of the United States, much as the latter was a major advancement over the Magna Carta. The new constitution solves the problems encountered since the adoption of the Constitution of the United States and adds provisions that allow citizens to ENFORCE the constitution. This is probably the first time that a constitution, which is a guarantee to its citizens, will have such enforceability. This is the first constitution that cannot be ignored by the government. The Constitution of the UFS is derived and fully disclosed in the book Word from Future by Rock Pig.

The United Free States will be created peacefully – no revolution, no warfare, and no law breaking. Instead, the sovereign territory will be purchased. This will be a modern version of past sovereign purchases such as the Manhattan Purchase, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Alaska Purchase. Such purchases benefit both the buyer and the seller and do not result in disputes over ownership.

This is no small deal that we are talking about. Negotiations for purchase of sovereign territory begin once we have 5 million or more prospective citizens willing to purchase on average US $100,000 of real estate. That’s half of a trillion dollars total. See “What is the Plan?” for more details.


What is freedom?

There are two main components to freedom – 1) freedom from crime and 2) freedom from government overreach. Crime is any Basic Law violation in which one person imposes involuntary costs directly on another. Basic Law is precisely defined in Article IX, Section 4, of the Constitution of the UFS (see Word from Future) and includes fraud, breach or impairment of contract, unwelcome damage to or interference with property (including one’s body), enslavement, and murder. Government overreach is any activity on the part of government other than enforcement of the Basic Law, defense against other governments, and administrative tasks specifically prescribed in the constitution. Unlike in all other nations, there are no victimless crime laws. And unlike in all other nations, all members of government are subject to the same basic crime laws as are all of the citizens. For example, a government official or candidate who promises one thing and does another can be sued for fraud and forced to pay for damages. (This is quite a boon to the insurance industry!)

To understand what we mean by freedom, answer the following.

What would it be like if you no longer had to spend two percent or more of your lifetime dealing with tax returns and tax avoidance?

What would it be like if you could start any business you wanted – the business of your dreams – without having to deal with licenses, zoning, and employment regulations.

What if you could contract out for any kind of work you wanted (Uber driver, for example) without the vexing fear of being considered by the state as an employee instead of an independent contractor?

How would you like to legally pay one-fourth as much in taxes as you pay now?

How would you like to solve the problem of illegal drugs having lethally unknown doses of unknown components?

Would you like to see crime practically disappear?

Would you like to make a real estate investment that grows 100% per year?

How would you like to be rid of all of the parasites in your society?

Would you like to live in a neighborhood of productive people who will help to protect your freedom?

If your answers are in the affirmative, then you crave freedom. And if you are halfway brave enough, you can get it. You can even earn and deserve some serious money in the process of getting there.

It may be easier to understand what freedom is when we look at what freedom is not. We each have our own peeves due to impositions on our freedom. Here are some of mine.

Filing an income tax return used to require a single page and a single day of effort. For tax year 2022 it required two weeks of concentrated effort plus the paid assistance of a CPA to crank out and file more than 70 pages of tax forms. That doesn’t include what I had to submit for the corporation I co-founded. Four percent of my lifetime that otherwise would have been very productive to the benefit of society is now taken by tax regulations. And for what? So that each politician can add another provision that benefits leeches and buys votes? This is not freedom!

My wife and I started a small business in California. Unfortunately, we hired employees. We had to paper a whole wall of precious space with more than twenty posters about minimum wage, OSHA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, a Paid Sick Leave Notice, and on and on. These posters had to be updated from year to year. We were sued by an ex-employee for not allowing a ten-minute break every morning and every afternoon. We were not at fault, but there was no way to prove it, so we ended up paying a couple of thousands of dollars anyway. It’s a common scam. Also, regulations required that we go to the expense of providing wheelchair access even though no customers needed it. Were there such a need, we would have provided it willingly, but the law doesn’t allow people to make sensible decisions. This is not freedom!

When I was a kid I could buy potassium nitrate from a drug store and combine it with homemade charcoal and some sulfur powder from a nursery supply to make a crude type of gunpowder. The other kids on the block and I made fireworks and rockets and learned first-hand about chemistry, rocketry, aerodynamics, and fire safety. From the drug store and local small businesses I could obtain the chemicals needed for electroplating nickels with copper and pennies with nickel. I learned a lot about industrial technology and science, which led to a Ph.D. in physics. You can’t do these things anymore. It’s illegal to possess fireworks, much less use them, even on your own property, in many places. Kids don’t get to learn technology. This is not freedom!

Today there are so many laws and regulations that just about anyone can be hauled in for one infraction or another even if you never imposed any involuntary cost on anyone. You, too, can be hauled in! This is not freedom!

I’m sure you, too, have your own examples of what is not freedom.

How can we quickly become wealthy?

There are at least three ways in which all of us can be rewarded for our efforts.

Immediately, there is the opportunity to produce, advertise, and sell products, such as T-shirts, pennants, flags, fashions, and an infinite variety of useful items and expressive memorabilia heralding the United Free States. This website will serve as a platform for advertisement of items that we can approve as genuine United Free States products. For example, a T-shirt emblazoned with “Future Citizen of the United Free States” might be a popular product. In addition, we would like to approve a “prospective citizen” card with certain features. Those features would include securely encoded serial numbers. The cards with the lowest serial numbers will some day be very valuable. Measures to prevent counterfeiting of the cards are imperative. The serial numbers on these cards can be incorporated into the ID data that each prospective citizen will inherit when becoming an actual citizen. People interested in taking advantage of these opportunities to produce and sell cherished items can contact us through the email address on the Contact page.

The costs for placement of ads will be zero initially until the viewership of the site reaches 1000 hits per month. Then the costs will increase month by month in rough proportion to the amount of traffic attracted to the site. By getting in early, you can lock in a good ad rate for up to two months. In any case, anyone having placed an ad on the site will have their products listed on the site as officially approved products for up to three years at no charge so long as the products are still available and the contact information is valid.

The second financial reward comes when the deal giving the UFS sovereign rights over territory has been negotiated. All prospective UFS citizens, of which there will be at least five million across the world, will have the opportunity to buy parcels of real estate from the country selling the territory. These parcels will grow rapidly in value.

How do we know that the real estate will grow rapidly in value? Consider how valuable the real estate will be when freedom hits the land. How much do you think real estate would be worth if you could do ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT on that real estate so long as you don’t impose involuntary costs on others? How much do you think it would be worth if there were no property taxes or any other taxes or fees on the property and if you had absolute rights over the property and access to it that could not be interfered with?

Want evidence? Consider Las Vegas. It is a city that grew out of non-arable desert land with a limited water supply. Land values on the Strip in Las Vegas have increased an average of more than ten percent per year since Las Vegas was incorporated in 1905. The population has increased at an average rate of nearly eight percent per year. A large part of this growth is attributable to a minor advantage in freedom relative to other territories. Gambling and the lack of state income taxes did the trick. Imagine what would happen if there were far more freedom!

This brings up the third opportunity – the opportunity to set up businesses with tremendous profitability in the United Free States. With no business taxes and no centrally-ordained government regulations, businesses can grow rapidly. Businesses that are prohibited in other countries will do especially well. Make your plans early.

The new nation will have its casinos, of course, but there will be much more. Citizens will create drug dispensaries that provide any and all desired drugs at lowest prices and with accurately certified doses and high purity. Tourists from the United States and other depressed countries will come by the droves to partake safely of these unique offerings. Certification organizations will grow up in the UFS to test and certify the dosage accuracies and compositions of the various drug offerings that are illegal in the other nations of the world. These certification organizations, like United Laboratories for electrical products, will provide assurances that are far more reliable than any that a government provides.

There will also be opportunities for women to be engaged in all kinds of businesses that fill the gap between prostitution and innocent dating. Many women will become wealthy, and many men will become happy. Once again, this industry will be fueled by tourism from the United States and other countries where depressed and disrespected men need an escape. Certification and chaperone services will keep the entrepreneurial women safe and healthy. Many happy marriages will emerge from this industry.

Think of any victimless activity that is illegal in other nations, and you can come up with an enterprise that can thrive in the UFS. But that’s only for starters. Industries that are legal in other nations will be much more profitable and faster-growing in the UFS than they are anywhere else in the world. No business taxes, no property taxes, no ridiculous licensing requirements, no zoning, no regulations other than crime laws, no crime. Freedom to hire and fire as appropriate. Freedom to pay low wages for apprenticeships that amount to free education for beginners. Freedom to use all knowledge at one’s disposal in deciding whom to hire and whom to serve. These freedoms will make property owners in the UFS objects of jealousy throughout the world.

These are only a taste of the effects that freedom will have on real estate values and business advancement in the UFS. There is so much more and so much that has never before been envisioned due to lack of freedom in the world. You must become a citizen of the United Free States, and you must invest in this new nation!


Who are you, and what political faction do you favor?

We favor no political party, and we welcome all interested people from all groups in all countries to join us. In the U.S., Democrat liberals wish to use government to limit economic freedom, while Republican conservatives seek to limit social freedom. Libertarians tend to be soft on crime and foreign aggression, both of which limit freedom. Similar factionalization exists in other nations. Politics seeks to use government to take away freedom. We welcome people who wish to get away from politics.

The United Free States is the brain child of Rock Pig (pen name), who is an experienced entrepreneur with a doctorate in physics. He has a tremendous amount of experience including military, large enterprises, Silicon Valley startups, and government research installations. Rock Pig has ancestry on both sides extending as far back as the first two decades of the seventeenth century in what is now the United States. Though residing in the US, he has spent years of time involved in business, military, and family matters in other countries around the world.


What drives the loss of freedom?

Other than ourselves, few, if any, people understand the dynamic that squelches freedom. It is the same dynamic that has acted everywhere and throughout time. To understand politics and political science, you must first understand this dynamic. Here is what you need to know.

First, note that people fall into three different categories: contributors, parasites, and the severely handicapped. Contributors are those who produce for others more than they consume from others. Parasites are those who are capable of being contributors but consume more than they produce. The severely handicapped are those who are incapable of being contributors.

It is not always clear to which category a particular individual will end up belonging when that individual’s life has run its course. The category may not even be clear until well after the person has died and the person’s legacy becomes clear. However, regarding some people one can usually make a good guess. For instance, a perennial welfare leech, a career criminal, or a murderer is most likely a parasite. A person like Elon Musk or Bill Gates who has earned a lot of wealth in return for his or her contributions to industry is most likely a contributor. A severely injured military veteran or a young person rendered quadriplegic in a traffic accident may be among the severely handicapped.

Second, it is important to note that politics is dominated by the Dunning-Kruger effect. To put it bluntly, politics attracts people who are too dumb to know that they are dumb. People who are too incapable or too lazy to make sufficient accomplishments in the private sector, and who nevertheless think they are smarter than everyone else, often find a lucrative home in government. Such people have usually developed from childhood the ability to deceive and manipulate people in order to rise above the rest. These abilities compensate for their insufficient competence in other matters. They have a great ability to run for elected office or to parlay their way into powerful government positions where they can make more from bribes and corruption than they could dream of making in the private sector. Government gives them perks and a sense of importance that they could never earn in the private sector. Other than those who are engaged in fighting true crime and defending against foreign aggressors, most of the people in government are engaged in activities that reduce freedom and productivity. By and large, these people are parasites.

Parasites breed parasites. The primary motivation of a career politician is to garner the support, in the form of votes, endorsements by lobbyists, campaign contributions, and all that is necessary to stay in office and continue to make bribeworthy decisions. To this end, the politician is motivated to ensure that there are as many consequential laws and regulations as possible in order to make government as important as possible. The politician is also motivated to spread welfare, derived from taxes, to as many voters as possible in order to buy their votes. As a result, the severely handicapped who deserve the welfare are severely short-changed and the welfare leeches who don’t deserve the welfare are rewarded. The government ends up breeding an increasing population of dependents, most of whom are parasites, whose votes can be counted on to further raise taxes, increase legislation, and generally rob and take freedom away from the contributors. In the United States in 2023, for example, half of the population pays no net income tax, and they constitute an election-swaying group that will ensure that the contributors will forever be saddled with excessive taxation and be subjugated to the desires of the parasites.

And on it goes to various degrees throughout time and place, occasionally interrupted or made worse through a revolution. The parasites stupidly subjugate the contributors, preventing them from contributing as much as they can, and the only winners are the deceitful and manipulative politicians. Freedom never reaches its pinnacle. UNTIL THE UNITED FREE STATES…


How would freedom bring prosperity?

If you look up any reasonable ranking of countries based on freedom and plot that ranking against any reasonable ranking based on prosperity or well-being, you will find that there is a strong correlation in which more freedom means more prosperity and greater well-being. A couple of such plots are shown in the first few pages of Rock Pig’s Word from Future. Moreover, you will observe that there is no level of freedom above which prosperity or well-being has been shown to decrease. No peak has yet been found. In addition, history is replete with demonstrations, as in the Soviet Union and Maoist China, that loss of freedom is followed by reduced prosperity and well-being and, as with the American Revolution, that an increase in freedom is followed by increased prosperity and well-being. All of this is strong empirical evidence that freedom brings prosperity and well-being.

Now, let’s look at why freedom brings prosperity and well-being. First, consider that business entrepreneurs who own large stakes in the businesses they have created generally work about twice as hard as do private-sector employees who have little or no equity in the business. The entrepreneurs work longer hours and are often more productive in those hours than are employees who have little stake in the business.

Next, consider that government employees are less productive than are private-sector employees. This is not just a result of extensive coffee breaks, frequent vacation days, and undue job security. It is more a result of the fact that much of what government does is counter-productive, consuming time and resources from the private-sector through overbearing regulations. It can be estimated that government employees are half as productive as are private-sector employees and one-fourth as productive as are private-sector entrepreneurs.

Now, consider an average nation in which 20% of the workers are government workers, 70% are private-sector employees, and 10% are entrepreneurs. Let’s convert half of the government workers to private-sector employees and then convert half of the resulting private-sector employees to entrepreneurs. Do the math, and you find that the total rate of production of wealth increases by 45%. This is roughly what to expect in the UFS. Wealth creation increases dramatically. Technology advances much faster than in other nations. In addition, it should be noted that entrepreneurs are happier, according to studies, than are private-sector employees. The entrepreneurs have more control over their lives, they experience more excitement, and they stand to make more money.

We should acknowledge that some studies show that government employees have a greater sense of well-being than do private-sector employees. Risk-averse people who desire secure employment, lifelong pensions, and low-stress work find a comfortable home in government, whose monopoly position and power allow exceptional compensation of unexceptional employees. However, the marked increase in entrepreneurialism in a nation with maximal freedom more than compensates for the loss of government jobs. Well-being in a free nation is higher than that in a less-free nation. Empirical results and theory agree. The evidence that freedom brings prosperity and well-being is overwhelming.


What is the plan?

We have a five-phase plan. The first phase consists of spreading the word. Savvy investors and entrepreneurs who become sufficiently aware of this effort will jump at the opportunity to purchase property in the new nation. Reaching them is the main challenge. Word may spread quickly through social media and word-of-mouth. It can spread even faster if each of us seeks to inform major influencers. If anyone can reach Elon Musk, for example, we may see a big jump in participation.

There are influencers all over the world who need to know about our effort. Members of underground movements in China and other oppressive nations need to know about this opportunity. Entrepreneurs in Taiwan, Israel, and other nations threatened with takeover will want to find a safe haven for their businesses and will want a second citizenship as an insurance policy. Citizens of the U.S., wishing to escape the huge debt their government has accumulated buying votes from parasites, will want a new homeland.

The website may soon find itself unable to keep up with all of the traffic. Prospective citizens are encouraged to set up their own communication centers, blogs, etc. We will advertise approved affiliated sites. These sites may play a major role coordinating the next phase of the plan.

Once we have at least five million people with prospective citizenship cards and other indications of serious intent, we enter phase two. The plan in this phase is to organize an election of tentative officers of the federal government of the UFS. One of the communication centers will be chosen by to conduct the election. Criteria for the choice will include a credible ability to uniquely and securely screen voters among those who have been prospective citizens for at least six months as determined by the serial numbers on their prospective citizenship cards. In addition, there must be the ability to store votes coupled with serial numbers in encoded form in such a way that each voter can check that the voter’s selections were properly stored. Additional safeguards and the reputation of the center will also be considered in the choice.

Phase three is the negotiation of the deal under which sovereign territory will be purchased. See “How will we obtain sovereign rights over territory?” for information about the nature of the negotiations. The travel and other costs for the performance of these negotiations will be allocated by our House of Representatives from donations made by prospective citizens. The negotiations will be conducted by our Executive branch, and any deals proposed must be approved by our Senate. Any adjudications required will be carried out by our Judicial branch.

In this phase the House of Representatives will set the flat tax to be paid by every citizen and property owner at the beginning of the first year of United Free States sovereignty. If the tax is set too high, prospective citizens will back out, and the deal will fail to pass phase four. If the tax is too low, there will not be enough in funding to set up the justice system, hire police, fund a military, etc. The representatives will be forced to find a happy medium.

Once a deal for acquisition of sovereign territory has been signed by our Executive and by the selling nation, we will begin phase four. This is where prospective citizens bid on the properties of their choice. The procedural details will depend on the deal that was negotiated in phase three. Prospective citizens will be able to bid on privately owned real estate and also on real estate assets belonging to the selling government, including airspace, land, mineral rights, electromagnetic spectrum, etc. When each sale is closed, there will be a portion of the bid going to the previous owner and another portion going to the selling government in exchange for the sovereign rights. The proportion going to the selling government will be adjusted in accordance with the sovereign purchase deal. In addition, the purchasers and all other incoming citizens will be required to take their oaths of citizenship and pay the annual flat tax at this point.

Upon completion of phase four, the last phase begins – the building of businesses and infrastructure by the private sector and the incorporation of county and city jurisdictions. Much of this activity will be impromptu in nature, but all will be under the strict protections of the Constitution of the UFS.


How will we be protected?

Is there risk? There is some, and that’s where the bravery comes in. The development of a new nation with unprecedented freedom will make the UFS an object of jealousy around the world. Political leaders in hamstrung nations will be concerned about losing some of their undeserved hold on power. Marxists will excrete their worn-out pap about racism, unequal outcomes, sexism, usurious capitalism, etc. The parasites left behind in debt-ridden countries will insist on extorting back some of the pie. The losers of the world will wish to put us down.

But the risk is small. For one thing, the population will be well armed. The constitution allows the private sector to have armaments sufficient to allow one-third of the population to defeat the combined military, police, and other forces of its own government. Private property owners are allowed to use deadly force, if necessary, to evict invaders, providing the invaders are given sufficient and understandable notice ahead of time and are given time to leave the property. A foreign government would have to have a tremendous amount of backing to invade territory that would be extremely costly to take. And drug cartel militants wouldn’t make it past the second fence.

But more important is this: a new revolution in warfare is in the offing. The ability to hold the leaders to account for warlike crimes is either now or soon to be available. Perhaps we will see the beginning within the next few years. The leaders of the Russian Federation owe Ukraine at least ten thousand lives. They would be paid for with the lives of Putin, his supporters in the Kremlin, his oligarchs, and his military leaders to the tune of 10,000 lives. No person of character would be sorry to see them go. These parasites are less than worthless. In fact, much of the payment in lives would be exacted by revolutionaries in Russia, as is often the case when a dictatorship is deposed.

If not now, then as soon as the scientists get to work on it in the UFS, the era of top-down warfare will begin. It will be the leaders first, not the grunts, who will pay for the costs they inflict on others. War as we know it will become a thing of the past. At last, political leaders will be subject to the same crime laws as are the rest of us.

Now, what about personal risks? If you take on a second citizenship in the UFS, will your first citizenship be canceled? Currently, dual citizenship is allowed in most developed countries, including the US and Thailand, to take just a couple of examples. We expect the UFS to have good relations with other countries, but the jealousies mentioned above could result in changes. This may not be a major concern for you, though, if you will be thriving in the UFS and you don’t mind never having to pay taxes again to the country of your first citizenship!

There are some who will wish to invest in property in the UFS but continue to live in their countries of first citizenship. No problem.

Let’s just say that you don’t have to be nearly as brave as the people who started the United States. You’ll make a much bigger impact on the advancement of human civilization with much less risk. It’s all on the up-and-up.


How will we obtain sovereign rights over territory?

Once we have enough prospective citizens, about 5 million or more, we will commence negotiations with governments of various nations. These negotiations will be aimed at striking a deal that is beneficial to both the citizens of the UFS and the citizens and government of the prospective selling nation.

Consider, as a prime example, possible negotiations with Mexico. Suppose that we have 5 million prospective USF citizens willing to invest an average of $100,000 US dollars each in UFS real estate. That’s a total of a half trillion dollars. We could purchase one-third of Baja California, turn every inhabitant there into an instant millionaire, and turn landowners and relevant government officials into multimillionaires. Mexico would gain access to a rapidly burgeoning shipping port. There would be fantastic manufacturing and industry employment opportunities for its nearby citizens. The drug cartels that menace Mexico would be put out of business by the low-cost certified drug providers in the UFS. And, to top this off, the UFS will be a powerful ally eventually able to participate together with Mexico in purchasing sovereign rights over additional territories such as New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California, all of which are currently gaining in Hispanic population. (Please note that once the brain drain in the U.S. occurs along with the movement of prime industries to the UFS, the debt-ridden government of the US will welcome such deals.)

There is a price for everything, but what if the price for purchasing territory from Mexico is too high? Well, let’s see what other cash-strapped nations have to offer! The question is not, “Can we afford the deal?” The question is, “Which nation is most willing to gain the benefits of this arrangement?” The competition for our half-trillion-dollar deal will be fierce.

Is there precedent for this? Consider Peter Minuit’s Manhattan Purchase. What about the Louisiana Purchase? And how about the Alaska Purchase? All done peacefully. All never seriously disputed. All to mutual gain. A particularly interesting precedent is the temporary sovereignty over Hong Kong by the British, including the 99-year lease of the New Territories from China. From these arrangements emerged the growth of one of the world’s largest shipping ports plus the seeding of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone just across the border, which began China’s escape from its Maoist doldrums. Both Britain and China gained enormously from the arrangement. Who wants to be next?


What sets the timeline?

How soon we can accomplish the plan is determined primarily by the rate at which we can build to five million the number of serious prospective citizens worldwide. If the number doubles every month starting at one prospective citizen in January of 2025, the number reaches 5 million by December, 2027. If a powerful influencer like Elon Musk gets behind this effort, phase one can be completed much sooner. On the other hand, if it takes a dramatic event to trigger people into smartening up, phase one could take more than three years.

Phases two, three, and four should be accomplishable over an 18-month period if we insist that the deal we make with the selling nation must be quickly realizable. (If Mexico can’t move fast enough, perhaps Nicaragua can, for example.)


If we are patriots, where should our loyalties lie?

Let’s address this question to citizens of the United States. Similar thoughts may apply to other homelands.

The question is: what are you patriotic to? The government? The people? The land? The Constitution? The notion of freedom expressed by the Declaration of Independence? If you are loyal to the government of the US, you don’t belong in the UFS. The post-constitutional government of the US is now an enemy of freedom. If you are loyal to the people, including the huge population of parasites that the government has carefully bred, you probably aren’t a good candidate for a move to the UFS. If you love the land, please consider that the UFS may eventually purchase sovereignty over that land when the avaricious and bribable government of the US is deeply in debt and on its knees. If you are faithful to the Constitution of the US, you know that the Constitution is no longer in force in the US. You should come to the UFS whose constitution is an advanced version of the Constitution of the US designed to preserve freedom, to be enforced by the citizenry, and to be immune to the whims of a governing class. If you are patriotic to the spirit of freedom, justice, and equality of opportunity expressed by the founders of the US, you are one of us, and the UFS is your new homeland.


Will we be hurting the homeland?

Let’s face it. Your homeland has rejected you. They have no reason to be hurt if you leave. Given that you are a contributor and not a parasite, your homeland may seek for you to continue your citizenship there. This way, you will continue to pay some taxes and will provide tourist revenue for your former homeland as you make your fortune as a dual citizen in the UFS. But, if they reject you completely, they are only hurting themselves.

The wonderful principles of the UFS and its constitution are bound to have an influence on other nations going forward, and we anticipate that our influence during both our formative stages and our later stages will have a positive influence on the rest of the world.


Are there any problems that the Constitution of the UFS doesn’t solve?

We’ll examine emailed comments from site visitors to see whether any unanticipated problems are identified for which the Constitution of the UFS does not provide significant relief. See our Contact page for the email address. Replies will be generated to well-thought-out emails, but we may not be able to reply to all of them once traffic becomes heavy. If a problem is identified that must definitely be addressed, we will describe it here (in this FAQ), and the citizens may later wish to advance a solution in the form of an amendment to the Constitution.


Just how brave do we have to be?

We are not engaged in violent revolution, we are not breaking any laws, our purchase of sovereign territory is mutually beneficial to both seller and buyer, and we are not imposing involuntary costs on anyone. We will contribute new technology (free of patents) to the world and provide a place for tourists to visit where they can see, buy, and experience exciting things not available elsewhere. So, although some in the rest of the world may feel jealous, we are doing nothing that can invite justifiable retaliation. In this sense, we are safe, and little bravery is required.

In addition, the UFS will start small in size and will likely grow by purchasing sovereignty in small separate parcels or states. Any attack on us would also affect neighboring nations, which invites a united response against the attacker.

Going forward, the UFS will develop top-down defense capabilities and will make it clear that any scores that have to be settled will preferably be settled amicably, through payment with territory for example, or will be paid by the offending leaders, and will be limited to damages due. We will bring a more advanced form of civilization to the world, and the world will grow to be a safer place for all.

Our citizens will get their vitamin R from productive pursuits.


What is Vitamin R?

A turtle that hides within its shell and never sticks its neck out starves to death. A turtle must stick its neck out and take some risks in order to survive. The turtle has therefore evolved to deliberately undertake some risky activities in order to eat.

The same is true of humans. We are impelled by our nature to undertake a certain amount of risk. Prospective citizens of the UFS call it vitamin R.

One of the biggest scams perpetrated by government is the “protection racket.” Government officials and electoral candidates seek affirmation by promising to pass laws that eliminate the headlined risk of the day. This gives the government more power. The proliferation of laws and regulations against victimless activities goes on and on until people are tightly constrained, like the turtle within its shell. The people are safe, but they have lost their freedom, and they have no way to get their vitamin R other than by engaging in counterproductive behavior. That’s when abuse of illegal drugs, risky sexual activities, shoplifting, gang warfare, and other counterproductive behaviors become rampant. In fact, an entire nation may engage in a risky activity, such as the Russian Federation attacking Ukraine. Most people have been subjected to enough parenting by the time they reach the age of eighteen. When the government takes on the role of smothering parents and applies it to adults, you get this counterproductive rebellious behavior.

In a free nation, where people are allowed to take risks for productive aims, the need for vitamin R is satisfied by productive behavior. People get their excitement from their work and their hobbies. In fact, while some businesses in the UFS will be supplying drugs to vitamin-R-starved tourists from government-strangled countries, you will see very little drug abuse on the part of UFS citizens.

As the turtle can tell you, the avoidance of all risks is the riskiest behavior of all.